Walking Tours (booking now for tours beginning October)

Marilyn Lambert y friendsI offer guided two-hour walks in and around several Vallarta neighborhoods. These adventures aim to introduce you to the Mexican culture and peoples of this charming town.  You will hear of history, architecture, ecology and stories while seeing locations you might not find on your own. You will have the opportunity to meet shop owners and browse their many offerings.  These walks are all designed personally by me and include areas I know well and local people I can recommend for goods and services.  I do not get a commission from any vendors.  I only recommend shops and owners I know and who I have personally used. Many speak English.  For customer reviews, go to Trip Advisor:  Learn Vallarta Walking Tours.

The BOOK NOW option, allowing immediate reservations, online payment, and email confirmation, is available up to 24 hours in advanceBook early to assure your choice is available. Minimum 2 people required.  

Private and Group walks are bookable directly with me. Cost depends on size and location. Email or call me 48 hours or more in advance:  sandra.learn.vallarta@gmail.com  and in Vallarta 322-228-9365.

Translator is available for French, Spanish or German customers to accompany walks for a modest additional fee.  Requires 48 hour notice.

WALKING TOURS    (CLOSED for summer; BOOK NOW for tours beginning October)  

El Centro City Walk     M,T,W,F,S    10 am    $351-DSCN9567Book Now

This walk covers the oldest part of Vallarta on the north side of the Rio Cuale. From the Central Plaza, we walk the surrounding cobblestone streets. Learn about the historic buildings, galleries, open markets, and shops, the Guadalupe Church, and some of the famous Malecón sculptures. See artisans at work, buy cigars, taste locally-made candy.  Meet at the Los Arcos Amphitheater across from downtown Central Plaza, 10 am.

Cleaning Nopal CactusSouthside City Walk    M,T,W,F,S    10 am    $35Book Now

From the downtown plaza, we head for the Southside over the swinging Rio Cuale bridge, through old neighborhoods that are a mixture of old homes and new rentals. Visit central produce/fish market. See newly renovated historic hotel, artists creating colorful tiles, find antiques, folk art, hand-painted clothing and hand-made specialty soaps and lotions.  Meet at the Los Arcos Amphitheater across from downtown Central Plaza, 10 am.

Gringo Gulch Walk     M,T,W,F,S    10 am     $35DSCN8588Book Now

See colonial architectural buildings and designs including Taylor and Burton’s homes. Hear history and stories of this former fishing village while walking charming cobblestone streets with views of both ocean and jungle.  Sample chocolate, cigars, and coffee at famous Cigar Factory and Cantina.  Meet at the Los Arcos Amphitheater across from downtown Central Plaza, 10 am.

10Malecón Walk     M,W,F,S      2 pm              $35Book Now

Ideal for limited mobility and wheelchair travelers.

Walk or roll along the famous Malecón boardwalk while learning about the early history and culture of Vallarta, stories of its people, the inspirations behind the many bronze sculptures, Spanish colonial architecture and outdoor art including tile, sand sculptures and Huichol Indian symbology.  End at the stunning Los Muertos Pier. List of accessible beach restaurants is included with the walk.    Meet at Hotel Rosita seawall by bronze sculpture on the north end of the Malecón.

Rural El Tuito Walk          ThursdaysBook Now     10 am – 3 pm               $50         

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We take the local bus to rural pre-Hispanic El Tuito one hour south of Vallarta. Learn local history as we walk through town. See typical adobe architecture, clay studio producing pre-Hispanic figures, sample tortillas and locally-made soft panela cheese. Stop at a local demonstration garden to hear about  aquaponics and sustainable agricultural practices including low impact tilling, composting, vermiculture, mulching, irrigation, crop rotation,  and small animal husbandry. Visit a backyard bakery using a wood-fired oven and then an optional stop for lunch.    Meet at 9:45 am at Southside Bus Station, Aguacate and V. Caranza.            Roundtrip bus fare included in fee.  

Typical Mexican lunch not included but highly recommended.                          RESERVATIONS REQUIRED BY TUESDAY NOON.                                                        This walk not suitable for those with mobility or balance issues.

Pitillal Centro Walk      M,W,F     10 am       $40Book Now

Visit a traditional Mexican plaza with its surrounding town, small shops, and street vendors selling everything from embroidered napkins to parrots to wooden crucifixes and tamales. Leather is big here as this is cowboy country. Huaraches, belts, cowboy boots, purses.  Bargains galore!  Shops for medicinal herbs, custom perfumes and natural beauty products included. Tacos for lunch (extra cost). Meet at bus stop, Juarez and Iturbide downtown in front of Parisina Fabric Shop.     Roundtrip bus fare included in fee.






5 Responses to Walking Tours (booking now for tours beginning October)

  1. carol farrior says:

    Would like to receive information on your tours. We have been coming to Puerto vallarta for 28 years so we have seen a lot.

    • Hi Carol, click on each title to see more details of each tour then tell me what other information you would like to have. Even though folks come to Vallarta many times, they often tell me they didn’t know about a lot of the things I introduce them to as we walk the neighborhoods. Hope you can join me on your next visit.

    • Hi Carol, did you find all the info on my walking tours? When are you coming to Vallarta again?

  2. Patricia Riley says:

    I am looking to retire to PV. Do your walking tours go to neighborhoods that you would recommend renting in? I’m not looking for a luxury condo. I want to live in a decent, safe are that’s moderately priced. I’m coming down in June and want to explore.

    • Hi Patricia, yes there are several neighborhoods where expats have found reasonable places to live. Two of my walks, Gringo Gulch and Southside, include such neighborhoods. I stop my walks for the summer as of June 1 (start up in October) but I would be happy to take you around. Just contact me before you get here. Sandra

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